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flow itself is Open Source - anyone can download and use it as they like. However flow is a complex piece of software and for professional use a support contract with e.g. OPM-OP might be advisable. We can offer support at different levels:

Installation support and basic feasibility

We can help you install flow and make sure that the application works as intended at your location. In addition to installing flow in your location we can help you make a basic assesment of whether flow will work out of the box for your model.

Support contract

We can provide a support contract which includes the following:

  1. Installation of flow at your site. This includes both the bi-annual offical releases provided by the OPM community, and in addition we will provide bugfix releases for our customers. We will monitor bug-fixes in the main flow development, and make bugfix releases when that is appropriate. As a customer you are also free to suggest bugfix releases based on special fixes which are relevant to your organisation.

  2. If flow does not work on your model we will investigate the problem. The outcome of this investigation can be:

    a) This a small bug/lack of functionality in flow which we can fix quite quickly and make a custom release.

    b) We might be able suggest a workaround in your input file.

    c) It might be a large task - in that case we can not help you directly, but a custom development project can be initiated.

Custom development

If you have specific needs for flow we can probably help you. When it comes to custom development projects it is important to realize that flow is an Open Source project where the Copyright is shared among many different organisations - this implies that new developments will be available to everyone.

We can also help with development projects where flow is used as a component, e.g. in history matching or optimization workflows.



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